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After starting this blog series a couple weeks back we have gotten feedback from many companies, particularly in the Field Service industry about how relatable some of these issues have been to their business. Our most recent blog relayed the experience one of our current customers who began seeing measurable results within the first week of use and other game-changing benefits they’ve discovered in the first few months.In this week’s blog we are relaying more thoughts we’ve heard from field crews who are “stuck” between staying in their comfort zone by continuing their normal business practices, and simplifying to correct their most annoying business issues. If at any point you sit back, scratch your head and think “wow, that’s us” write us and let us know the inefficiencies you struggle with every day. I’m sure we can help

Our company is too small to benefit from a field service management software

Often we hear companies say they’re too small to benefit from field service software in managing their work throughout the day, but we’ve found this couldn't be further from the truth. Whether you are a one man show or a crew of 50, whether you to use all the features that come with the more complex software, or you just use it to make sure crews know what to do, where and how, you can improve your lot in life.

Field service management software will help anyone from a one man shop, all the way to a company sending out hundreds of crew members on a daily basis by putting their entire day’s work in the palm of their hands...literally. As a small company, many think they aren’t sophisticated enough to take advantage of field service software, but if you’re sophisticated enough to post on Facebook, there is a technology that can help you get more work done. Keep it simple find something that solves only your biggest issue.  Simple gets work done.

If cost is a concern for you, you can thank your lucky stars for free trials.  Without any commitment, you can see if systems for your company work for your business for FREE with absolutely zero risk. As a one man crew, or a team sending out a couple trucks into the field, the thought of software is probably associated with multiple zeros, but that is simply not the case.

Where the benefit is

Where we have seen small companies benefit the most is by using an application to:

Schedule the work day

Direct crews where their next job is

Verify quality work

Eliminate confusion and chaos

When you’re in the type of business where you are always on the go, having your business in your pocket where you can easily access any information at any given time has proven to save companies countless hours of time which directly equates to money.

My team won’t like or use this system if we switch

We get it, your crews are used to doing their work the way that you currently do it, but does that really mean that there isn't another way that would make their job easier? The name of the game is keeping it simple and getting it done, so give them the chance to do exactly that. As long as your workers can use a phone, which they can, this technology keeps work, directions, and job details so simple that a caveman could use it.

John Watkins, CEO at Watkins Erosion Control told us that his crews actually enjoy using our field service management app, “Our guys are on their phones all the time anyways, it just seems so natural to put their work in the same place, on the same platform.” See, here is the thing with today’s field service workforce, more often than not they all grew up using phones to do just about anything. Want to know what the weather is, check the phone. Want to find out how your family across the country is doing, pick up the phone. Want directions on how to get to the next jobsite, you guessed it -- also on the phone. We’ve seen it over and over, from Owners to Crew Leads to ditch diggers (literally) they’ll use it.  When they do you can rest assured that the work is done, done on time, and done right.

We understand that transitioning your business to be more technology forward can seem intimidating, but there is a reason why technology is the future. Technology, particularly field service software, will increase your efficiency regardless of your business type, company size, or number of daily projects.

To see just how simple it is to start saving, watch this video or simply try it for yourself today for absolutely free. No credit card, no commitment.

As always, it has been a pleasure having you tune in this week. To subscribe to this weekly blog series simply click here and we’ll see you next week to share the industry scoop and our findings as well as more tips to improve your business.

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Curo delivers game-changing productivity to field and home service crews. The company’s cloud-native, mobile tools manage millions of work tasks for micro-business to Fortune 100 projects. The application’s Simple Gets Work Done design helps Curo customers regain a full hour of productivity for every single crew member, every day, and eliminate 2/3 of the time managers spend scheduling and verifying work. The company’s patented technology and GPS worksite pinpointing enable predictive maintenance, project or emergency work while defining precisely how the work is conducted to meet quality or compliance standards. Curo has been recognized by Hypepotamus and Venture Atlanta as a top player in the field service management solution marketplace.  Find more information about how Curo enables field and home service companies to get time back, verify the work and make more money at https://curoglobal.com/.

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