Watkins-Results-Weekly We just kicked off this blog last week, so we’re gaining followers, but we’re encouraged by the response so far. Our blog last week talked about the struggles and concerns we heard and shared some guidance on how to attack these issues with simple technology for field service. We hope for this to become a valued resource for you to improve your business.   

This week we’re relaying 3 big wins for Watkins Erosion Control, a company that has used field service management software to help them eliminate hours of wasted labor and verify work completion and quality. This week John Watkins, CEO, shares some recent customer successes from his crew’s use of Curo. Check out his story below, and you can see what he experienced out of the gate in this video.

Shocking the Builder by Saving Days in Response Time

Every construction site we do work on uses an environmental monitoring company to report any erosion control needs.  When the monitors find a need, this information is distributed via email to the builder who then forwards it to us at Watkins Erosion Control.  Since we started using Curo, we knew we could get ahead of the game a bit.

We asked that we be copied on the monitor’s emails. When we get notification of required work, we attach the email report from the monitor to the job within the Curo app. Having the complete list of requirements attached in the app saves several days in response time.

So a funny thing happened on the way to the site. After a couple weeks of reviewing reports and inspections by the builder, he eventually contacted his monitoring company to let them know that he felt their reports were inaccurate. He relayed that he had been checking the monitor’s report a few days after he received it, and consistently found that none of the deficiencies on the report were present on the site. The builder learned from speaking to the monitor that Watkins Erosion Control had already completed the work on the report by the time he got around to inspecting.  

Hey, maybe it took 2 weeks for him to notice, but I believe we gained a customer for life because he could count on the work getting done without needing to show us the work on the report each week. If you know anything about the building industry, you know why he was so impressed. And now, he uses that time to help him build a better house.

Now THIS is Teamwork!

The nature of the erosion control business is that many of our days begin with some crews not having a full day of work. We are very much a rapid response type of business, so, usually, we have a number of calls we handle on the same day that we receive them. We have always been responsive, and it’s how we’ve made Watkins the name you can count on to get it done when no one else can.  

We knew we were good.  Our customers told us that frequently, and we gained many from our competitors who couldn’t be as responsive.  Still, our Curo field service software has made our response time even better than we ever dreamed. This effort by our team was inspiring.

One of our grassing crews was slated to spread grass seed on approximately 50 acres at a job in Peachtree City, GA. This would typically be several days' worth of work, but with a thunderstorm fast approaching, the grading crew preparing the site for our efforts called it quits and didn't get the whole 50 acres prepped for our grassing crew.  This job being cut short opened up room for this grassing crew to assist another truck.

At the same time, with the rain coming down, our ops manager and dispatcher, Ashley Osterholt advised a customer in nearby Newnan, GA that we wouldn't be able to complete his job before the rain halted our progress, but this is where it gets good.  Using Curo, the crew in Peachtree City saw on the map that another Watkins crew was 3 exits south in Newnan and dispatched themselves to go help and get that job completed.

Needless to say, our customer was beyond impressed the next morning when a monumental task was completed after he had been told we wouldn't finish.   He assumed we worked all night. We left that thought be while we smiled knowing that CURO saved the day.

Say Less, Do More

Often times, the work we complete is in the middle of a 100 Acre Development.  In the early stages, there are no points of reference because the streets are not constructed yet. This is where the benefits of the GPS capabilities in Curo have been so advantageous. Rather than have our customer meet our crew and take a 20 minute walk to point to the area that needs attention, we can now ask the customer to drop a pin on our map in Curo at the exact location needing our services.

We compare this pin to the customer map we attach to the work order within Curo, we do the work required at the point the pin is located, and ZERO calls from our customer -- or crew -- later, we provide a photo to the customer proving that the work was complete and done at the exact location they instructed.

Recently we had the situation where a rather complicated temporary stream crossed paths with temporary erosion control measures. The temporary erosion control was not detailed on the construction plans for an elementary school being built in Hall County, Georgia.  In this case, our customer took a photo, marked on it to show the work he wanted to see and dropped a pin to tell my crew precisely where to perform these actions. Before Curo, this would have been 3 phone calls minimum. And it would still be a guess as to whether we did it exactly the right way or if we were even in the right place.  But now, with Curo as our weapon, we don’t need to rely on phone calls to get the job done. Thanks to Curo we are quicker, more accurate and taking noticeably fewer calls throughout the day.

These are just a few examples.  The list of situations where our field service management software is helping us by being with us until the job is done is growing daily. Curo is right where the work happens -- right in the hands of our crews like any other tool.  Being there helps make sure work gets done and done right. Our crew members always have their phone handy -- like everyone these days -- they actually enjoy using it, and the improvement in the quality of work shows it. I can’t imagine how we lived without Curo.

It has been a pleasure having you tune in this week. To subscribe to this weekly blog series simply click here and we’ll see you next week to share the industry scoop and our findings as well as tips to improve your business.

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Curo delivers game-changing productivity to field and home service crews. The company’s cloud-native, mobile tools manage millions of work tasks for micro-business to Fortune 100 projects. The application’s Simple Gets Work Done design helps Curo customers regain a full hour of productivity for every single crew member, every day, and eliminate 2/3 of the time managers spend scheduling and verifying work. The company’s patented technology and GPS worksite pinpointing enable predictive maintenance, project or emergency work while defining precisely how the work is conducted to meet quality or compliance standards. Curo has been recognized by Hypepotamus and Venture Atlanta as a top player in the field service management solution marketplace.  Find more information about how Curo enables field and home service companies to get time back, verify the work and make more money at https://curoglobal.com/.

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