Make Your Field Service Business a ChampionOur experience working with businesses in field services, construction, and home services has revealed that leaders of field service companies, are not only looking out for their business and customers, but they’re exceptional at looking out for the best interests of their teams.

We find that leaders are focused on and very proud of the work that their crews do. They’re also keenly aware of the nature of the goals of their workers, and also the job market, so they’re sensitive to keeping crew members happy.  To make sure their folks are happy, many field service leaders are trying to get work done with less hassle, enabling their crews to do “a day’s work in a day’s time.” Aiming to get crews and themselves home to their family at a reasonable hour every day.

After talking to the owners of hundreds of Field Service businesses, we’ve seen that everyone agrees on the biggest pain points of day-to-day operations. Day after day, Field Services companies are:

Wasting hours of labor company wide while the managers and operations teams try to coordinate the day.

Spending time juggling which team is going where, what work needs to be done and at which location.

Guessing whether the team has completed a job before moving on to the next location.

If this is you, don’t forget that all the while, your team is sitting in your truck at the local convenience store enjoying their morning cup of coffee waiting for direction. Nobody said successfully running a Field Services team would be easy… but what if it could be easier?

Eliminating Daily Challenges

Given the nature of your business, most managers of Field Services teams find themselves tackling their business one day at a time. Virtually all of you say that it’s impossible to get ahead of the chaos. Among the growing list of struggles these managers face on a daily basis, these are the most common. Let us know if you agree.

Fielding calls & texts from your crews to answer simple questions.

Constantly adjusting your team on the fly due to unscheduled callouts.

Directing each crew simultaneously on where to go & when.

Not knowing the status of your team’s progress.

Returning to a job site because the customer isn’t satisfied.

Why worry about these issues, when they are so simple to eliminate with a single change? Solving these issues in the field services industry is as simple as downloading an app to your phone. Understandably so, the thought of downloading a software to help manage your team may sound like an intimidating task, but not when you can get a solution that is as easy as using Facebook.

So What?

Field Services Management Software enables managers to effortlessly run their business while dodging chaos in the workplace. Why work harder when you can achieve better results by working smarter? Our Field Services app is the most valuable tool in your inventory.

Know where each job and team is with GPS location technology.

Quickly send messages - to answer questions, communicate changes, or when you’ve landed a new project.

Have all the data with project details, documents, employee schedules, and credentials in one place.

Send technicians to new areas knowing they can quickly pull up the address and use their GPS.

Pull up the status of a project to plan ahead for the next stage of a project.

Don’t be blindsided by chaos that causes your company to bleed unnecessary time and money any longer. Click here to see how much money your company is missing out on EVERY DAY. Instead of spending more money and time, try a FREE Field Services Management Software today.

Curo delivers game-changing productivity to field and home service crews. The company’s cloud-native, mobile tools manage millions of work tasks for micro-business to Fortune 100 projects. The application’s Simple Gets Work Done design helps Curo customers regain a full hour of productivity for every single crew member, every day, and eliminate 2/3 of the time managers spend scheduling and verifying work. The company’s patented technology and GPS worksite pinpointing enable predictive maintenance, project or emergency work while defining precisely how the work is conducted to meet quality or compliance standards. Curo has been recognized by Hypepotamus and Venture Atlanta as a top player in the field service management solution marketplace.  Find more information about how Curo enables field and home service companies to get time back, verify the work and make more money at https://curoglobal.com/.

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