Functioning 101_ Keeping Your Business on Top with Facilities Management Software

When you’re in facilities management, nothing matters more than your reputation. To build a successful business you need to consistently complete your work as promised - efficiently, on time, and within budget. However, with so many things pulling you in so many different directions, how can you possibly keep tabs on it all? Facilities management software helps you organize tasks, save time, increase productivity, and build your clients’ trust. Improved performance helps you build a solid industry reputation and opens new opportunities to grow your business.

How Can Facilities Management Software Help?

Curo is the only facilities management app that you and your team need. Centralizing all work related tasks, Curo allows users to increase job efficiency by moving all spreadsheets, work orders, communication efforts, work history, and much more onto the device you are currently reading this on. Your team is now at your fingertips.  Here’s how Curo allows you to keep your projects on time and your business on top.

You’ll have more time to focus on the big picture. Maximize your time in the office by minimizing your need for field inspections. With robust communication, you can support your team remotely, verify work was completed properly from wherever you are, and even share step-by-step how-to videos with employees to reduce their need for live guidance.

You’ll be more organized. Having a facilities management software to centralize all the projects you need to complete helps you maintain a more organized timeline. It provides a visual representation of which tasks are on track and which may be falling behind schedule.  Order and prioritize projects: from routine maintenance schedules to complex construction timelines. Having everything in one place gives you a complete picture of your to-dos to make sure everything is getting done - on time and in the correct order.

There will be less confusion among your team. Assign tasks to specific teams or individuals, and specify the location using our GPS-enabled pinning system, allowing you to drop a pin precisely on where work needs to be done and allowing your team to get in-app directions to the job. You reduce confusion about who is responsible for what and eliminate the duplication of tasks. Responsible parties are automatically notified when a task is assigned to them.

Employees complete work more quickly. Worker productivity increases up to 30% with the right technological tools. Due to clear communication, instructions, and guidance, your team feels more confident completing their tasks and become empowered to do so more quickly.

There’s greater accountability. Whether it’s an external team or one of your own, the improved communication that comes with using facilities management software ensures an increased level of accountability for everyone working on your project. In-app checklists allow you to track how much of a project is complete, as well as the option to require photo verification that the task was done to your satisfaction.

Facilities Management Software with Proven Results

Curo is a GPS-enabled facilities management software with proven results. With 100% task visibility that increases worker productivity up to 30%, we will help catapult your business to the top. See how we helped NPSG Global become the premier name in the industry - or let us talk you through how we will help you take back your business today.

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