6 Steps to Simply Getting Work Done in The New Year

The celebrations are over. The lights are down (hopefully) and as 2019 kicks off you’re right back to the same challenges you faced in 2018 in your business. We’ve all faced it and we’ve found a way to conquer challenges here at Curo, so we want to give you an action plan to help you sail your business into clear waters for the New Year.

Regardless of the struggles your business may have faced in the past year, allow our experiences to help you navigate through the upcoming challenges this year. Come aboard and get ready to conquer the New Year with these proven practices:

Make a resolution - Resolve to set goals and objectives. Creating and tracking goals is one of the easiest changes you can make today in your business.

  1. Start by mapping out your vision. You’ve heard it, the big picture in your mind of where you want to be in the future starts with the distant shore you’re sailing toward now.

  2. Next, set goals that motivate and drive you every day toward that vision.  The big things you want to accomplish for your business and use that as your guiding light. Point the ship in the right direction and stay the course. The pay off will be more than worth it if you drive one important trait… Consistency.  

  3. Work back from the big things into small, short-term objectives that move you toward your goals. Work only on the objectives that progress you to your goals. That will help you prioritize your day. Do what gets you there, not what keeps you here. Hoist the anchor, set the sails, and sail on!

Regardless of how you create and visualize your business goals, it all starts with a change, a resolution.


Simple gets work done - Throughout 2019 one big focus for your business must be to emphasize on working efficiently. Simplicity creates efficiency.  Keep the directions, and tasks simple and succeed as the simplest solution is usually the best one to ensure that you get things done the right way.  Point the ship at the horizon and sail.


Know who, where, how and when - One of the easiest ways to begin working smarter rather than harder today, is to better understand your team. Understand the unique values and skill sets your teammates bring to the table and delegate responsibilities accordingly. Knowing your team inside and out will allow you a much easier time when shuffling to create a schedule on the fly. If you were the coach of a football team, it wouldn't make sense to put your lineman at quarterback, would it? Staying on top of your schedule is one of the most overlooked aspects of any business. Remaining organized may see like a simple task, until the first thing goes wrong, leaving you scrambling to come up with a solution while staying on schedule. To make sure you can combat the unexpected wrenches in your business, always have a backup plan. If ______ doesnt show up to work today, who is going to take their spot so you can remain on top? Keeping your team up to speed is something that puts the daily success of any operation in a life or death situation. In order to efficiently direct your team where to go, use  simple system that they are already familiar with, GPS. Many options are now available to streamline your efforts in directing workers in the field by simply dropping a pin on their GPS to get them to the job even quicker. Taking a step back, companies need to save themselves and their reputation by ensuring all employees are trained to company standards in order to eliminate the risk of rework to save time and money. Playing off the working smarter comments before, put in the one time investment to create training modules for your entire team that can be recycled to new employees rather than training each employee individually. Solving the issues mentioned above will prove to be crucial to your business in terms of success and profitability throughout the new year.


Prove it -  Proving you got the job done as specified and that your work meets any compliance or safety requirements is a crucial step that needs to be taken and thought out ahead of time regardless of which business you're in to protect yourself, mitigating your risk exposure.  This provides pride for the field workers, comfort for management and customers as well as the ability to resolve concerns with evidence. In order to prevent trouble before it actually occurs, businesses need to constantly be thinking ahead. One thing we stress for you to start doing in 2019 is taking precautionary before and after pictures in the field to, at the very least, prove that you have done the work you said you did. Other genuine options to consider is to consider workforce tools built to help eliminate the risk of rework. By getting the job done right the first time, you are able to ensure your team gets back home to their family on time every night, leaving everyone happier. Always expect the unexpected and you will never find yourself with your hands in the air.


Become the go-to person & prove your value - When you can prove your work and folks have confidence you’ll do good work you can become the go-to. Go-to people make go-to companies, and go to companies...well, GO!  It all starts with the customer. Regardless of your position in your company, whether it be the office manager to the field technician, every role is crucial when it comes to optimizing the customer’s experience with the company.  Prove that your work is up to company standards and your company standards are above the industry standards, leaving your customers satisfied with the work, and shooting your company through the stratosphere in the new year.


Make your business better - Creating a go-to business no longer needs to be decided by the flip of the coin, by calculating the above point your business will be ready to make it happen in 2019. No company that is successful has ever neglected the basics of this list. Starting from the beginning, driving simplicity and efficiency will effortlessly bear your business with plentiful success. The more you can simplify your workday, the more time and wasted labor costs you will be able to save. Knowing who, what, and where at all times will keep your team organized at all times to ensure that as waters get rough, you will be able to keep pushing through the path to becoming the go-to. Being able to prove your work will not only improve your workplace visibility remotely, but will also serve as a line of defense from bumps along the path. As mentioned above in the resolutions section, becoming THE go-to company starts with becoming a go-to guy for your company, which starts from having a strategy and team willing to implement the strategy that will ultimately take you to the top. Recognize the value and make it happen and you will be on the path to the top in 2019. Put some clarity back in your business, will you be the hero in 2019?

By implementing these 6 simple steps that you can take TODAY, you can set your business on the right course in the year to come. Understand that nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, but creating a course map and action plan will help set you and your team sailing through clear water in 2019 ahead of the pack.


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Curo delivers game-changing productivity to field and home service crews. The company’s cloud-native, mobile tools manage millions of work tasks for micro-business to Fortune 100 projects. The application’s Simple Gets Work Done design helps Curo customers regain a full hour of productivity for every single crew member, every day, and eliminate 2/3 of the time managers spend scheduling and verifying work. The company’s patented technology and GPS worksite pinpointing enable predictive maintenance, project or emergency work while defining precisely how the work is conducted to meet quality or compliance standards. Curo has been recognized by Hypepotamus and Venture Atlanta as a top player in the field service management solution marketplace.  Find more information about how Curo enables field and home service companies to get time back, verify the work and make more money at https://curoglobal.com/.

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