Sep 27, 2018 12:53:16 AM

Should You Be Using Facilities Management Software?

Should you be using facilities management software? If you own or run a service-oriented business, the answer is “yes.”

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Sep 11, 2018 8:47:17 AM

Real Estate Management 101: What You Need To Know

The 2018 real estate market is booming. Trendsetting sites like VRBO and Airbnb are cracking the real estate management industry wide open with unlimited possibilities for anyone with a good idea, a healthy dose of “know how,” and a solid business plan.

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Sep 5, 2018 12:01:34 PM

The Four Biggest Maintenance Complaints that Hotel Guests Have

Maintenance complaints in the hotel industry keep the front desk agents busy. Among other prominent media sources, USA Today shares with their readers a step by step process on how to complain about a hotel, thus confirming that complaints from hotel guests are unfortunately widespread. Hotel staff members and management are no stranger to hotel maintenance complaints. Chances are, as a hotel guest yourself at some point, you may have even expressed a claim or two. Curo staff understands that maintenance issues are a reality in the hotel industry and we'd like to address the four biggest maintenance complaints that hotel guest has.

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Aug 28, 2018 5:17:08 PM

Hotel Modernization is More Than Just Décor

First impressions are critical to the success of a hotel business. Of course, luxurious textiles, complementary furniture, and fresh flowers are lovely, but in hotel modernization, décor is about much more than what captures the eye. In today's culture, a hotel guest is often looking for something that catches their heart. First impressions of a hotel are formed emotionally, long before a guest ever sets foot on its grounds, and builds their opinion visually.  Curo believes that hotel modernization is more than just décor.

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Aug 21, 2018 12:14:06 AM

How Curo is Changing the Hospitality Business One Hotel at a Time

We’ve all seen that old, run-down hotel as we drive through town. You know the one--it hasn’t changed since 1962. We wonder how it keeps it’s doors open. The truth is, it doesn’t matter, because that hotel is not on the typical traveler’s radar. In 2018, travelers select hotels based on reviews and reputations. Simply put-- they vote with their wallets. 

So how do those older hotels keep up? The current hotel hospitality business is continually changing to upgrade facilities and match up with local competition. Modern-day customers are looking for modern-day conveniences and luxuries. Curo knows this, and is trying to help the hospitality business -- one hotel at a time.

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